Mailing lists! Re-releases! Giveaway!

Legitimately not click-bait. In order:

  • Want to know when I have something being published or other writing news ahead of the blog? Join the mailing list! You’ll get notified of upcoming publications and pre-releases ahead of the blog! Just visit the newly rebuilt CummingsWrites and sign up!
  • Want to get copies of books before they’re released? Yes, I said books! Sign up for the ARC list here! There’s only one catch – by signing up, you agree to leave a review when the book is published. Failure to let me know about the review will have you removed from the ARC list.
  • Haven’t read A Scent of Roses yet? Good news! I’ve released an updated copy on Amazon, this time with (I’m ashamed to say) better spell checking and grammar checks. If you’ve already read the book, that’s fine too – there are no changes to the content of the book, only the corrections that should have been there the first time. As a part of this release, I’ve also switch to the new Amazon printing of the book, which means a lower cost for you!
  • Finally, between now and May 26, I will be running a raffle! Anyone that signs up for the mailing list will be eligible to win a free Kindle copy of A Scent of Roses, and one lucky winner will also get a copy of my upcoming book, Chrysalis.