NanoWriMo? What NanoWriMo?

2016-11-11-174309First, because I promised, here’s a picture of me so far this month. Among other things, new frames came in this week, which have changed my face a bit (though, really, it still the same old lovable mug).

When this month began, I had grand hopes. I wasn’t shaving again until I finished this novel, and I was finishing this novel this month for NanoWriMo? Remember that? Seems like only yesterday to me. Probably from a lack of sleep and time.

Everything else aside, this month has not been off to a stellar start on the creative side. Family is good (great, even), work is fine if tediously long, but free time is an almost foreign commodity.

That said, nothing has changed. I don’t think I’m going to finish it in time for NanoWriMo, but I am going to continue to work on this novel when I can. And just to be ornery (and because it’s winter), I’m not going to shave until it is done. I think one of the secrets I’ve forgotten over the years is that the more I blog, the more I write fiction. So I should make a concerted effort to write more blog entries this wintry season as well. But most of all, I plan on hitting the keyboard hard, starting with this weekend.

OK, It’s a Friday night and I’m still at the office. Time to get wrap up some things and get a move on.