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A Moment Of Clarity

This blog post isn’t really for you, sorry. It’s for me.

This blog post is to record the date of the day when I had a moment of clarity on my current WIP, The Goddess Unbound. Less than an hour ago, I had a realization. To understand what my mind felt like at that moment, I give you this random youtube video. My mind is the water bottle, my thoughts the water.

That’s right – I realized something that crystalized everything at once, a pure and complete vision born of the liquid chaos of my mind.

Without giving anything away, I realized that The Goddess Unbound, The Dragon Queen’s Bride, and A Mountain Fell From Heaven are all part of the same story thread. The heroes change, the cast shifts, but they are points in the same story thread.

Realizing that, I now understand what was missing in DQB and AMFFH, the component needed to finish them (each one was just shy of 100k words when stopped). I am so excited and over the top right now, I don’t even know if I can do the writing I’m supposed to be doing. Plus, this is even the blog post I had planned to write today, but that seems so mundane in comparison.

Just to recap the post that won’t exist – sorry for the silent treatment. I finished the final edits (I think?) of Chrysalis (New Adult/Urban Fantasy) this week, and am about 80K into The Goddess Unbound (Epic Fantasy). I’ve started sending out queries to agents for Chrysalis, and this week I plan on taking part in #pitmad to see if I can get some traction. Writing had a bit of a hiccup – work stuff, as usual – but is starting to grind back onto track.


I know. A lot to take in. It’s ok. Where was I?

Right. Writing. It’s a thing, I’m doing it, and watch out, it looks like I’ve done a lot of it and it’s all about to come to a tipping point.

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