Playing cards

For Christmas this year, Eldest daughter got me a pack of playing cards. Specifically, back in October she picked up a pack of Soren Kalla’s Star Wars cards at Geekgirl Con. The cards are wonderful, and for a long time I resisted even touching them. Having got over that inhibition, they are great to play with.

Meanwhile, the girls, in particular Middle daughter, has learned to play Klondike Solitaire. Obsessively. All of this card playing has in turn inspired me to start exploring more card games, both for single and multiple players. As a family, we’re into games. We have our dice games (Chupacabra!!), our deck building games, our competitive games (Magic, Pokemon, etc.), and of course the litany of board games and RPG’s that fill our cabinets. It’s little wonder that card games would be right up our alley.

And then last night, I discovered Rare Playing Cards, a site that is nothing but affordable, beautiful cards. To say I want to buy a pack or two is an understatement – I’m looking up card games just so I have an excuse to buy a new pack.

And you wonder why I don’t get enough writing done these days…