Avert your eyes, I’m sharing a trunk novel

Learning to write is like learning anything else – best achieved by repeated attempts (aka failures), with the knowledge that each attempt makes you better.

A Mountain Fell From Heaven is one of those stories. I have no shame in writing it, though as time has distanced me from the writing, I know it’s not quite as stellar as I thought when I wrote the last words. But sharing is caring, and the only way to move forward as a writer is if people can have a chance to read what I’ve written so far, if for no other reason than to know how much I’ve improved in the future.

So, over at Inkitt, I’ve posted the first six chapters (so far) of AMFH. In posting, I realize the story takes a little too long to get going – something I think I’ve improved on in recent novel projects. For that, I apologize. But if you’d like to take a peek – and perhaps even lend a vote – you can find it here