Arriving in the Golden State

I admit, I’m writing this from bed. Namely because that’s the only standing piece of furniture we have at the moment. I could bore you with the trials and tribulations – or at least the series of near misses that threatened to destroy us though they never quite succeeded – but that’s all been recorded in my twitter stream, more or less. Suffice it to say, the packers and movers were great and timely, the car showed up in California 5 days early (which means we were still in Virginia, scrambling for a way to pay for the delivery and someone that would, at the drop of a hat, help us get our car somewhere safe), three days of long hours hauling and cleaning (and thanks to the three guardian angels for being our lifesavers and easily doubling if not quadrupling how much we could accomplish), we finally made it out. We then had our worst hotel experience so far as a family (and just after our best the previous three nights), and despite leaving at 5:30am we almost didn’t make it in time for our flight (yes, we were that family, the one being paged to see if were going to board or not).

The apartment is pretty much as expected, except we didn’t anticipate hot water from both taps. Management is working on the problem, though I did do my research before asking for a status (yes, it’s a violation of the California Tennet’s Rights to not provide both hot and cold water in your residence). That aside, no complaints. We have a lot of things to get still (we were pretty liberal in our purging towards the end), but I think we learned our lesson. While there are some essentials we’ll need to pick up, I don’t think we’ll make the same mistakes we made in the house.

But first, I’d really like a chair. Maybe a couch. Everything else is just icing.

Not a lot on the writing front this week – in fact, none at all, but that’s not actually surprising. Once we get unpacked and have furniture again, I intend to remedy that count. I’m not only ready to start hacking out the first of the Niki Hunter novels, but I have a short story or two ready to explode. But this typing in beds stuff just isn’t for me.

Also, need a fan. This apartment has A/C in only one room, and it’s been unseasonably hot this week.

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