The WIP is no longer IP, and other writing bits

I’m happy to say I’ve finished my edits and line edits of the WIP, finally figured out a title (sadly, a bit late), and am presently just waiting on feedback from beta readers to see if I missed anything. I’ve been asked, “How does it feel to be done?”

I’ll be honest.

I feel like I’m behind schedule on the next project. I joke about the negative word counts I’ve been garnering in my stats the last week or two, but at least it was a sign of progress. I really don’t have the time this week to start on anything – packers are here tomorrow, movers Friday, then it’s a scrub down and errands before we hand the keys over to the realtor and hop a plane to California. So little time or energy left after that to actually write anything. And yet…

I have that itch. Pretty sure it’s not allergy related, because I took Zyrtec today, so it must be a need to write.

In other news, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I participated in a twitter thread last week that may have some awesome payoffs. Once every month or so, a day is set aside by a swath of agents and independent publishers to read through anything marked #pitmad. Writers are supposed to write an elevator pitch for their finished novel, with hashtags for categories (all in less that 140 characters. Ouch.). I don’t know if my novel is any good, but my elevator pitch was tight and concise. I got bites from three small specialty presses and four agents.

I know, right???

So in varying segments, the first portion of my baby is out there being read by four agents right now. I want to be nervous about it, but between the move and the next novel (I think I’m ready to tackle the Niki Hunter story I’ve toyed with over the years, the Writs of Blood trilogy) I don’t have time to worry about the novel I just finished.

That’s the state of writing for now. It might be an extra week before my next update (or there could be a flood as I find myself stuck somewhere with great internet and nothing to do). I’m toying with a site redesign once we get to California, to commemorate the move and new start.

Happy writing, everyone!


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