Waking up

OK, waking up from my little dazed days of mourning (big birthday last week has left me out of sorts with life). Looks like the module-build bugs have trickled down to nothing. Word to the wise when making a change like that – go ahead and emerge -f every version of every module in the tree, then tar {j,z}tvf it to make sure it isn’t going to trigger your secret foo QA check.

Speaking of QA, spent some time with a chroot this morning and came up with this, an as good as I can get it listing of every module installed with the perl core, with versions, back to 5.8.2. The bored pathetic scripts I wrote to do the dirty work are linked in the article, I don’t care about cleaner, nicer versions, I just needed them to make me some output, they did, I’m happy (well, not exactly, but you know).

Now if I could only remember where I put that left-handed-nano-wrench…