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Writing update for the week

English: Image of Kentucky poet Madison Cawein...
English: Image of Kentucky poet Madison Cawein writing at his desk. From The Story of a Poet: Madison Cawein by Otto Arthur Rothert. J. P. Morten and Company, 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, I almost didn’t make it to my weekly update. Let’s get to this real fast so I can get back to working on it.

Are you done yet?


I thought you were going to be done last week? What happened?

I thought I was too. I wrote every day – I’m currently averaging 1264 words a day – but I still didn’t finish. Yesterday, I made it to 80k, and its for naught. Why? Because the STORY isn’t done yet. It looks like there’s another 4 or 5k left to write. Unless I realize I forgot something else, or the STORY dictates otherwise. I won’t drag a story on longer than it needs to be, but I also won’t quelch one before its time. If I can manage 1k a day, that’s this week. If not, or its longer…well, you know how it goes.

This format seems familiar…

It’s a common format. Sure, Scalzi’s been using it lately for his novel updates. And Wendig, well, he’s always using it. But he uses more cursing than I do. I think he has tourettes. Or he’s secure in writing his mind. Me, I’m still coming to grips with sharing, and the fact that I’ve agreed to publish on my novels on my own after they get a fair cycle through agent-space (which might be years, so don’t hold your breath). ANYWAY. I need to get writing so I can finish. I can’t keep working on this novel – yesterday I wrote 2k, then during dinner began plotting another novel. Insanity.

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