Late night writing check in – or am I just so far ahead in the day?

I rather like the idea of these weekly updates. Often enough that I just might remember to do them, not too often that I’m boring everyone. I hope.

It’s been a week since I stabbed myself cutting cheese (oh, the humiliation). Just like someone losing their sight, I’ve learned to adapt my typing and productivity to overcome this grievous injury. What’s that? You’re saying my stabbing myself in the finger and losing a gallon of blood, followed by stinging for hours on end, isn’t even remotely the same thing as adapting to a life altering event like blindness or being amputated? Well, it’s a distant second, but it ranks, and it affected my writing. Almost.

Speaking of writing, the current WIP continues to chug along. I feel a little guilty saying that, because as I type this I just had the first day in almost a month where I was under target for word count (500ish vs my daily 1k). I feel bad about that, but I’m sticking to the “any words are better than no words” mantra. That and some of the time I would have spent on writing were instead spent planning (“outlining”) the next ten chapters, which should help make the words flow a little easier later on.

Read an interesting post this week on being prolific as a writer, but I think I’m going to wait to put more thoughts on that later. When I’m less sleepy and more wordly.


  • I’d have links to related articles here, but Zemanta has decided to cue off of the word “stab” and just wants me to share articles about stabbing. How-to’s. Police reports. Guidelines.

** And yes, I really am writing and posting this around midnight. Insomnia has been my companion of late.

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