The good, the bad, the uh-oh (writing)

Has it been that long since I last blogged? On the upside, I’ve got a current work in progress. As of tonight, I’m about 21k of the way in, which is a good foothold. I’ve learned a few tricks writing this novel so far, things I’ll happily share – once I make it to the finish line. On the upside, for the last week or so I’ve been managing over 1k a day in my writing tallies – yay!

On the bad side, I’m fast approaching the end of my initial sketch. I know where this is going, but I really need to set some time aside soon to figure out the next part of the book. The formula I’ve been using is parts pantsing, part outlining. I have a rough sketch of some scenes and character repetitions (ie, X, Y, then Z, repeat, throwing in A or B occasionally for variety), which I then fill in with some old fashioned organic writing. I just need to extend that rough sketch further into the book so I can dig into the next section.

So to sum up – its been quiet on the blog (bad) because I’ve been writing (good!), but I’m anxious about maintaining the momentum (uh-oh). I hope other writers go through this while working on a project, or at least other non-outliners.

[Image is from Black Books. Because reasons.]