This blog in 2015

You’d think that with me breaking the hiatus from blogging (I have a real life!), I’d come back with tales of writing and adventure.

Not really. What I’ve come back with is the realization that I hold on to too many possible blog posts, refraining from sharing until the share is meaningless. I get it in my noggin’ that I should only share posts about writing, or major events, forgetting what a blog is about. I’m not a professional, this isn’t a journal, and the subject of this blog is open to what I make of it.

There. That feels much better.

Expect more random posts this year. Real life snapshots, posts about writing, and random thoughts and links that I find interesting. This year I’d like to explore posting from my smartphone more, mostly because no matter what, it’s the one piece of connected technology I have with me at all times. That said, one of my personal goals is to journal more consistently this year. In the past, the act of writing by hand has left me with a word desert when it comes to my blog – the material I’m writing is historically appropriate for only one medium or the other, rarely both (yes, that’s right, there’s a book of handwritten entries containing the dark, seedy side of my life…).

2015 stands to be a year with some exciting changes. We plan on moving across the country later this year for my work. In 24 hours, my oldest daughter officially becomes a teenager. This is the year I’m going to get something published (because I said so).

Sit back, enjoy the ride. I’ll try and tag my posts better this year so you can weed out the ones you don’t care to read about. And welcome to the future!