Why I’m not conning right now

RavenCon mascot
RavenCon mascot (Photo credit: eclecticlibrarian)

As I write this, the first full day of Ravencon is kicking off. As you may recall, the family and I went a few years ago, but we went with the wrong expectation and were justly disappointed. Bedazzled with the costumed glamor of ComiCon and other giant cosplay, megamillion vendor ridden booth conventions from TV and the internet, we had a vision and expectation that poor Ravencon was just doomed to fall short of. That’s not why I didn’t go this year, or why I probably won’t go to any of the cons in our area (and there are a few others as it turns out).

I’m not going because I feel like a fake.

I’ve talked a lot about writing over the years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  At the same time, despite puffing my chest up and rubbing virtual elbows with folks on the other side of the struggle, the truth is so far I’m all talk. I will remain all talk until I can get something out there that is accepted for publishing.

At the rate I’m going, that could be a while. That isn’t to say I’ll stop trying, or that I don’t think I can do it. My current funk is all about frame of mind and season, not a measure of my capability. And when I do finally have some professional publication credit to my name? You can be sure to see me annoyingly at all of the local cons, probably with copies of whatever was published in case you forgot yours and want a signed one. You know – because I wrote that.

[ NOT that the point of writing is about the fame monster. Just to clarify, I write because I’ve got stories crawling around in my head and writing keeps the crazy out.]

[[N.B. Ravencon is a Science Fiction convention with panels (discussions), gaming rooms, and a small vendor area, vs a comic convention, which is where you will see more costumed guests. Very overlapping and similar, but not 100% the same thing. It’s like the difference between Country and Western…]]

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