So, I read this article last month on the Art of Manliness about Evernote, and all the ways you can use it effectively. I’m not a frequent reader of AoM these days, but that’s mostly for a lack of time and cross interest, not a reflection on the site (beneath the testosterone lacing, there are some really great articles on there for all genders), but the last item on the list caught me by surprise – creating a Commonplace Book.

I’m intrigued.

Commonplace Book (Moleskine Foldout)

Commonplace Book (Moleskine Foldout) (Photo credit: ChrisL_AK)

Not for doing it in evernote per se, but in using my sporadically updated journal (which is indeed a paper product) to also keep the notes and quotes from my current reading. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I find myself in a mood to read more nonfiction, and it seems to me that would be good fodder to feed this curiosity. Let’s see what comes of it, eh?

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