What’s up with datanode.net?

When I started datanode.net many many moons ago, it was a simple set of web pages. I had notions of starting my own business, but it never really happened. I did a little bit of freelance work, but never quite got the taste for it, mostly because it just didn’t work for me. Then when I joined gentoo it became a soapbox from which I could talk open source and gentoo stuff. But when I left gentoo, it kind of whithered out for a while,a nd in the last year or so its been mostly about writing. I think the problem is I need to figure out what I’m going to talk about on the blog.

I know a lot of people have blogs where they talk about every detail of their lives. My last job, before I joined the awesomeness of the monkey hordes, didn’t exactly discouraged talking about yourself or your work – but they certainly didn’t consider it a wise move. Unfortunately, that became such a mode of thought that I find it hard telling you all about what funny thing Katy did this morning, or what Tara said last night. And the few times I did talk about personal things, like job hunting, I caught someone at work reading my blog and knew that I needed to keep my mouth completely shut.

So where is datanode.net going these days? Although the name doesn’t quite fit a writing blog, but if I was opportunistic, I’d find a way to integrate it into my writing so that when I do get published, it will make perfect sense, like Neal Asher’s TheSkinner.blogspot.com. “Datanode? Oh yeah, that’s what Cummings calls his pseudo-sentient sapient organic computer in his novels.”

The problem with that last statement is that I have spent a long time wasting time dreaming of what it will be like once I can call myself a writer, and not enough time working on the craft. I wasn’t always this way – I remember a year or so where I jotted down stories faster than my fingers could etch out the words.

I mentioned in my last post that the beard is here for the time being, until I either finish the novel or get published (presumably with a shoter work). Let me go further and state that the goals of datanode.net for 2010 (pronounce twenty ten, of course) is to get published reputably, and to make datanode.net an obvious forum for discussing what I’m writing away at these days.

And now, to sleep. An hour of blogging can take its toll 🙂