An Audible Journey

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge. For various reasons, I’ve recently gone back to driving into the office 4 days a week. It isn’t great, it has it’s downsides – but it also isn’t as bad as I remember. The stereo in my car has been crap for a few years now, so this time around I decided to give Audible a try.

An audiocassette recording
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I don’t mind listening to books on tape (Yes – I’m old school enough, that’s how I still think of them), but I’d always been leery of the modern equivalent. Would I be able to concentrate on the road and follow the story? Or would it all be a giant mess? (Never mind I listen to podcasts this way occasionally). I had a few rules to start out though, chief of which was if I was going to do this, it had to be the unabridged edition. It just seems silly get part of a story, plus I’m looking to fill 2+ hours a day, so short-changing the experience doesn’t seem too smart.

So, one free trial membership later, I’m somewhat smitten with it so far. My first book (free) was Peter V. Brett‘s The Warded Man. I tried reading this book once before and just couldn’t get into it, but found the audio version to be great to follow along.

I finished it this morning.

Which meant the ride home tonight was going to be a long, traffic filled bore – or would it? A quick browse, and another book purchase. This time I’m going to try out Amazon’s WhisperSync and see just how good it is. I bought this book (title withheld out of shame) almost a year ago, I like the author and his other books – but I haven’t been able to make any progress with this title. Since I own the kindle book already, the audio book was only a few bucks (at least I think that’s why it was reduced price…?), and the best part – the reading of the book is supposed to stay in sync with where I am in the Kindle app and vice versa. If that actually works, that would be amazingly great. I already spend an hour or two a day reading – to double that time effectively? I could be done with books in days!!

And very poor to boot!

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