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I know I’m a few days behind on sharing this, but I had to let the news simmer for a bit. Hypothetically speaking, I might be one of those persistent users that once a quarter queried over twitter to see what the status was. To be fair, there have been hints of “soon” for a while, even a tantalizing screenshot or two. I still believe Scrivener is the best desktop writing app, but until I can be more comfortably mobile with it (the current export option doesn’t fit into my workflow, so to speak) I find it cumbersome. I suppose I could just go back to pen and paper. Or have patience. Something.

I’ll provide the information you are most likely after first: it will still be a little while–certainly much longer than we had hoped. We can give no firm release date yet, and given that past estimates have been wildly off, I’m not even going to make a guess at this stage. We very much hope it will be out this year, in time for National Novel Writing Month, but we’re not going to make any promises at all until we know for absolutely sure that we can keep them.

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