My new computer is in :)

My iMac came in Thursday night, and most of my free time Friday was spent transferring files and tweaking it. I know pundits out there will mock me for this – iMac’s aren’t the cheapest of computers, and Apple users have a bad reputation (almost as bad as Windows users if you’re in the Linux crowd). My path to being a mac user stems from my Linux background, to be honest – I get the power of a command line that does what I want it do without pretending, but I also get the eye candy and functioning apps. Win-win.

This computer isn’t for work, or for work related tasks – in fact, its very much the anti-work computer. This is the home of my stuff, a place for me to write, create, and do. The nice thing is that the software I’ve invested in over time is still usable and transferrable – my iMac has every app I’ve paid for available for use, making the transition that much easier.

Of course, the first comment from my wife when I announced it was finally done being set up – “So we can get rid of the boxes of PC parts that we’ve been holding onto for years, just in case?” πŸ™‚


New iMac
New iMac editing this post πŸ™‚
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    1. You know, I thought I’d have screen envy, but the 21inch is so huge compared to what I’ve been working on (and its mine, all mine! mwahahahahahaha). Er. Ahem. Yes, indeed, right oh.

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