I need a book. Do you know it?

English: Open book iconI can feel it inside me. It was purring a few days ago; now it roars from the shadows when I look the wrong way, or think the wrong thought. In my sleep, it whispers to me, reminding me of stories past, books enjoyed in a percolative youth when my reading tastes depended on the books that fell my way, and weren’t so easily swayed by moods and desires. A time when a book was a book was a book, and each story held was a new experience.

It groans under the weight of this modern panacea for the reading plague, the mobile reading device. It all seems so simple, pick a book, pay the toll keeper, and in moments you are transported.

Normally, this formula works for me. Except, the story that is whispering to me is not one I know how to find easily. Tales of fantasy? No problem, I know which knights to tilt with and which dragons to parle with. Stories from the far end of time? Simple! Allow me to tap away at my quantal tunnel until the hyperdrive is warmed up and we’re off!

Today’s craving de jour  though, is one I’m not comfortable with. I want something, well, horrific. I want monsters. I want fright. I want Lovecraft and King, Cook and Koontz, but I want them fresh, like they were when I first read them. I don’t want zombies, I don’t want wolfmen or vampires. I want the stories that freak them out and make them shiver in their ancient castles, grateful that at least they never had to face that.

But I don’t know where to look. I dont’ know where to find a book that isn’t just slasher fic, isn’t just yet another Cthulhu tribute, or a zombie fest, or glittering, shine in the dark love vampires. I’ve tried random approaches on goodreads, amazon recommended, and B&N. I’ve even tried a few ‘if you like this, then you’ll like…’ websites, but their suggestions were…odd.

Help me, Obi-Wans, you’re my only hope. Because if I can’t find what I’m looking for soon, I’m going to have to do something drastic.

I’m going to have to write it.


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