The Lake Effect

Its a Friday afternoon around here, so what better way to spend it than sharing some goodness?

Jay Lake
Jay Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve never met Jay Lake…or have I? In a sense, I guess I know him as intimately as anyone does.  I’ve read his short stories and some of his novels, which means I’ve walked through his mind, seen the wonders he’s painted and the worlds he’s spun into being. You can get a feel for a person by the worlds they create, I think. Folks I know have met him, and every one of them also confirms: he’s a nice guy.

News of his battle with cancer isn’t new. It’s been a common topic on his blog the last few years, often times with a gritty warning to steer clear if you’re at all squeamish. Followers of Jay’s blog have been there from discovery to victory to remission, back and forth as the cancer begins to show signs of sentience. His poignant and frank posts, colored only by the flavor of his medications for the day, have been this awkward mixture of hope in the face of the inevitable.

The toll this takes on a person is exhausting, even more so when insurance isn’t able or liable to cover all of the bills associated with helping someone stay alive. Where’s that goodness I promised? Right here: the community of artists and writers that Jay’s works live in, and that more than a few of us risk dipping our toes in, has put together a fundraiser to help pay for a diagnostic treatment for Jay. Take a look at it here: Check it out, its for a good cause, and you can help unlock whimsy, which the world needs more of anyway. If you’re interested, but the fundraiser doesn’t seem your thing, I recommend looking at his blog at It seems weird to suggest it, but I understand the tip jar helps too.


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