Kickstarter makes hardbacks sexy?

some old books i found in the guest room. =]Its a crazy idea, I know, but bear with me.

It seems like in the last year, kickstarter has been a great place to go to see the books you want written and produced. Not as chaotically dangerous as the self published route, these are books by authors you know, or at least have some confidence in. The rewards generally start around $5, depending on the project, which typically include an e-book version of the final product. A lot of times I’m fine with that, because that’s all I really wanted, something I could read anywhere without having to carry around extra physical matter.

Occasionally, though, I find myself eyeing those pricier rewards. Maybe its because I finally got to hold the Apocalypse Ocean in my hands and see what a beautiful thing it was, but Brad Beaulieu‘s recent update showing off the quality his hardbacks will be is making me recount my spare change to see if I can afford the $50 level. Nicely bound books, cloth covers, gold inlay spines. These books are going to be vessels of art containing stories and words.

And that’s when it struck me that, in a sense, this is how books must have felt to the privileged centuries ago. These are limited editions – there will only be so many of the physical product produced and released to the world. The workmanship that’s going into them is beautiful, the result is a book you will be happy to hold and call your own, and place in a covetous corner of your bookcase for others to see. This isn’t some vanity press release – these are quality products. Half the time (not always, not a rule, but often) the author even signs the book. Signed limited edition produced with quality workmanship. I think its safe to say that for a bibliophile-

Folks, kickstarter made hardbacks sexy again.



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