Where Was I?

Believe it or not, my silence the last three weeks has been more about real life than a lack of wanting to blog. At best these days, I try to post something every weekend, but real life has been a bit on the busy side. Let me see if I can sum everything up.

Three weeks ago, I sat down after doing some chores and checked in on Twitter only to discover someone I’ve talked to over the years was not only visiting the Portland area, but was stuck at a Gorge rest stop with a flat tire and in need of some local assistance (due to Covid, if you get your car towed, you can’t ride with the truck any more, meaning you need some way of following). That’s where I entered the picture. Although my friend did end up getting his tire replaced and was able to drive away for more chaos on his trip to Oregon, that was the start of some busy times.

The following weekend was Rose City Comic Con, where my wife had a table and I had a slew of photo ops I had signed up for.

The con was a lot of fun. Helping us brave that many people was the convention center’s rule that all attendees had to either be vaccinated or submit to a COVID screening. This year’s photo ops, including (second) breakfast with Billy Boyd (which I may talk about in a later post), Adam Savage and the amazing baby tauntaun that was in line ahead of me, and George Takei (I won’t lie, I was thrilled that he did the Vulcan greeting but only after the fact realized I failed to give him my impression of “Oh, my!”), were as follows:

This is the part of the recounting where I start to feel extra old. The following weekend (last week as I write this), the kid in that photo with me and Adam Savage left for college. The weekend was largely about helping them get moved into their dorm, set up, and on their own as an adult. As a parent I found it both heart wrenching and proud to see them leave for school.

That’s a lot to distill into a short blog post, but that’s what’s been keeping me on my toes lately. How have you all been? If you have a blog I follow, you’ve no doubt seen me leaving comments or likes as I catch up. And if you have a blog and I’m not following it, leave me a line! I’m always on the look out for fresh ideas and content 🙂

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