Somehow, I totally missed the boat on this. Diego, if you read this, I am sorry to see you go, but you know that. Best wishes to you mate, we were better for having you with us. bah. how did i miss this happening??


Resurrecting the Books/Reading portion of this blog. First up on the plate is Spin by Robert Charles Wilson. The merits of this book weren’t in the spell binding – it was an ok read, told in a flashback fashion until the reader (at the end of course) is caught up with current events. What’s noteworthy … [Read more…]

Reading spree drawing down

Well, the pox sent me into a reading fit. Believe me, if you’ve been home for daytime tv, you know why. Unfortunately, I had pox on my hands too, so using the laptop was a bit tough on the endurance – so I read. A lot. 5 books down in a week. Just finished the … [Read more…]