I know I should be writing, but Pokemon

[peg-image src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-tIJW_eTaJvo/WCjqJo9w3lI/AAAAAAAATvQ/BEzFAMJyooAFDLKwB8WhSjPEHSyDP4kSQCCo/s144-o/20161113_142421.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/100209810380444992363/6352584727506888321#6352584725742280274″ caption=”Getting ready for our Sunday afternoon Pokemon game at the comic shop. My first attempt at a Fire/Water deck.” type=”image” alt=”20161113_142421.jpg” image_size=”5312×2988″ peg_single_image_size=”w640″ peg_img_align=”right” peg_gal_align=”right” ]I know I should be writing (and I have, earlier), but this afternoon is our weekly Pokemon game down at the comic book shop. I wouldn’t have foreseen this a few years ago (Pokemon? Not for me!), but we try to go every week, and we usually have a great time. I feel like this gives me a chance to bond with the younger two girls in a way I wouldn’t normally get. We go, we play a game (sometimes against each other, usually not), we usually don’t win all three rounds, but we have fun. Before the game, we spend time trading and trying to build our decks up better, and after the game we come home to dinner and to regale Mom and their older sister with the tales of battle and victories nearly won, if only…!

In move to pwn boys, Girl Scouts to introduce game developer badge | Ars Technica

And so I break my blogging silence this week (life happens) with this article from Ars Technica. Why? Because we’re raising three Girl Scouts and it’s good to know that a group is doing this if the girls have an interest (sure, this is out West, but still).

On the heels of the Boy Scouts introducing a merit badge for game design, the Girl Scouts are going one better by developing a badge program to bring girls into the world of video game development. The effort is a collaboration between Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles and Women in Games International.


The Boy Scouts introduced a Game Design merit badge in March, but its description doesn’t specifically call for actual game software development. The WIGI-GSLA effort will use Gamestar Mechanic, an educational development tool from E-Line Media, to allow scouts to develop and create their own video games.

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I guess even accountants can geek out when they get bored – How an accountant created an entire RPG inside an Excel spreadsheet | Ars Technica

All I can think of now is our own finance department at work. Maybe this is the secret to what they do all day…

While the game isnt a beauty to look at—the hero is represented by a smiley face and all enemies are all bracket-parenthesis pairs—its fairly complex for, well, a spreadsheet. Attacks include a range of damage-inducing and healing spells that players buy and use with “blood,” which regenerates with each turn. Players also find and can equip a range of weapons, including rocks, slingshots, bowling balls, rifles, ninja stars, and brass knuckles.

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