NanoWriMo? What NanoWriMo?

First, because I promised, here’s a picture of me so far this month. Among other things, new frames came in this week, which have changed my face a bit (though, really, it still the same old lovable mug). When this month began, I had grand hopes. I wasn’t shaving again until I finished this novel, … [Read more…]

NanoWriMo Day 1 Check In

Obligatory first day of NanoWriMo check in! Mostly to show off that I did shear my face hair. Not a spectacular start (about 1100 words before I needed to stop to get ready for work), but definitely a start, and the day is young yet. OK, off to work with me. Happy writing, if that’s … [Read more…]

The night before NanoWriMo – happy Halloween!

It is indeed that time of the year – today is Halloween, which makes tomorrow the start of NanoWriMo! That means there are a couple of traditions about to kick off – the sequestered writing sessions, the mad dashes when work intervenes and I have to lock myself off for a few days, and of … [Read more…]