IO::Socket::INET: Permission denied???

OK, I’m putting this out there because the issue is hard to track down. I’ve been toying with Net::LDAP at work, and on a few servers I’ve run into the situation where a script using Net::LDAP works fine on the command line, but when accessed via apache, it failes with IO::Socket::INET: Permission denied.

What the heck, right??

OK, so it turns out its all SELinux’s fault. I’m not going to delve into the nuances of what you should and shouldn’t do with your SELinux config, because it s a good thing when used well, but if you find yourself scratching your head on why a CGI works fine everywhere, including the server you want to run it from, but fails to run via the webserver, check to see if SELinux is blocking you.

Thus ends today’s PSA for linux geeks.

Open Source Watershed

Ran across the Open Source Watershed this morning and found it very interesting/illuminating. One of the touted virtues of running a distribution like Gentoo always seemed to be that you had the latest greatest available when it was released, instead of waiting on a binary compatible build for your distro. Continue reading Open Source Watershed

Using gVIM as your novel manager

I’ve been back and forth on this topic before, but last week I finally had an epiphany. It came to me in a flash that what I needed was really a manager for my novel, not something to write it with, a framework not an engine. And that’s when I realized I had that framework already in front of me. Continue reading Using gVIM as your novel manager