A moment to lament

Our oldest turns 15 today. The problem with that statement is that I still remember trading sleep shifts with my wife to watch this little bundle of human that could fit most of her body in the space between my wrist and elbow on one arm. I remember fondly a snowy winter morning with her keeping me company while Mom slept and I tried out Gentoo for the first time. I remember late night anime on Cartoon Network so I could stay awake long enough to drive to work after.

Now she is on the cusp of being able to get a driver’s license. She’s giving serious consideration to where she wants the rest of her life – or at least the next decade – to go. But even while I sit here and weep at where did the time go, I’m proud of her. Proud of the woman she is becoming, happy that she still laughs and spends time with her parents.

Mostly, though, I’m dreading that slice of cake after so many cookies, pies, and confectionaries this holiday season. But damn, can that kid bake.

Happy birthday!