May 24

And now how to get Storyist wordcounts into Jamie Rubin’s google scripts

Just a quick note while I slug away at revisions (Which, by the way, means my word counts suck, no matter how much I write, on account of all my deletes. Go figure.). Because of the pending move, and the fact that the good folks over at Scrivener have announced that it’s going to be –  yep – another two months while they track down internal bugs, I decided to dust off my copy Storyist and port the novel into it.

And by port, I mean deal with the fact that despite claiming to support Scrivener files, Storyist does a real lousy job of importing them in a usable format. You can see them, edit them, etc., but they aren’t considered manuscripts. It’s almost like they’re competitors or something.

However, Storyist, for all its faults, does have a rock solid integration with its iOS app. And with me looking at spending a day on a plane, I’d rather lug around an iPad than a laptop (cramped seats, big guy, it doesn’t take a math genius to know that tray table isn’t coming down all the way, which means that laptop has nowhere to rest). But using Storyist, with it’s Yet Another File Formatting, means I don’t have an easy way of updating my wordcounts via the @jamietr scripts.

So, I fixed that. It’s not much of a shell script – we don’t have to make any changes to how Storyist synchronizes, we just need to extract a file, clean it, and copy it over to Google. Jamie’s scripts pick it up and run with it, and all is happy (minus my note about too much text in one file, but that’s true no matter where your text comes from).

Storyist to Google (Mac)

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May 9

IT lives

No posts for two weeks, and not a bit of shame over it. This has been a house of plague and pain, and all just a month  before we’re flying away to the next chapter in our lives. For the better part of a week, I wasn’t able to sleep on my back. Not insomnia – oh no, my friends, I was tired, so very tired. But back pain interrupted my sleep, locking up as soon as I  relaxed. Instead of a fitful night’s sleep, I ended up in a half sitting, half asleep position in the living room.

It sucked.

And the side effects were less than welcoming. Within a few days I became extra grouchy and twice as lethargic. My body wanted to sleep whenever I got comfortable for more than a moment, fearful it wouldn’t get another opportunity. Writing? Not happening. I didn’t have writer’s block; the stories were all there still, sitting in neat little rows, waiting to be woven together with words on screen. What I had was a lack of energy and strength to think coherently enough to write them down.

And that really sucked. The creative juice I use to write stories? Same juice powers my work brain and everything else. It’s been a long few weeks, all of it muddled together in my mind as just one long hazy dullness.

I’m happy to say that I’m almost back on my feet. Sleep has returned, brain is almost back up to speed. I know I declared that I wouldn’t work on another novel until after the move, but I have to be honest. I miss the writing slough, shedding words. The worst influence of all? This kid:

As a family member in Plague House, Youngest Daughter was home sick this week. How did she spend her sick time? On a laptop, in the backyard. Doing what? Researching and working on her just announced trilogy. Because writing is fun, Dad. Because writing is fun.

Well, if that wasn’t motivation for me to be working on something, I don’t know what is.

April 20

A plethora of stories

Just under the wire, but here is this week’s writing update.

I have…a plethora of stories at the moment. I wish I could say these were all new stories. Most of them were written in the Fall, then set in a drawer to percolate while I worked first on NanoWriMo, then on the latest novel draft (huh…I just realized I wrote two novels back to back in the last six months. Go me.) What I am left with is a veritable plethora of stories, though.

I have the stories I’m revising that were in the drawer, as well as new stories dancing in the periphery. For the first time, ever, I have 2 stories out with 4 beta readers at the same time. The real kicker is that one of them, a space opera, wasn’t satisfying enough to me in the first draft, so I sat down and rewrote it from scratch (it’s practically a completely different story now).

What does this mean? A lot of checking my inbox for feedback emails, all the while biting at the bit wondering why I haven’t heard anything back from folks yet (it’s been, at most, a few days. It’ll probably be another week.). But this also means that I’m quickly running out of beta readers. I dont’ feel right asking the same folks more than once. I guess I better get this writing thing down right while I still have the kindness of others.

And that’s where I’m at with writing this week. Hope things are faring well on your end!

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