We’re getting cable again :(

For a few years now, we’ve been cable free. Not internet free, not without TV, just cable free, and it’s been grand. We’re not tied to the schedule of a show, or compelled to watch something. We have no ads, keep up to date on the shows we’re interested in (mostly), and manage (somehow) to fill the rest of our lives with other things to do. We aren’t puritans, we aren’t technophobes, heck, we aren’t even avoiding anything. It was just an expense we didn’t see the need for any more. Between Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu (without ads – very nice, btw, for the extra $2 – binge watching current shows is amazeballs), we manage to keep ourselves entertained when we aren’t doing other things.

But that time has passed.

When we moved cross country, we kept our old cell numbers. That hasn’t really been a problem until recently, when the folks that are supposed to accept deliveries for us at the office have become sporadic. The alternative is to have a phone number tied to the gate console so deliveries can call us to let us know a package is here (or a pizza, theoretically) – but without a local number, the system doesn’t work. Plus, as Middle Daughter has reached the maturity of being able to stay home alone, it’s become necessary for her to be able to make a call in an emergency.

Unfortunately, the cheapest phone line we can find that also has somewhat reliable service is through our cable company, and is only cheap if we get cable TV with it.

And so ends an era. I really hope this doesn’t mark the decline of the family playing games every so often, or going to Pokemon as a group, etc. But I for one am not ecstatic (although accepting – it’s not all bad things. I mean, Family channel still does Harry Potter marathons, right?).

Check it all out

A few quick notes today (sorry for the repeats if you follow me on other channels)

  • Check out the CummingsWrites blog over on Medium at cummingswrites.com – that’s where I will be posting most of my new writing content. It will mean less posts over here on datanode, but having a more focussed outlet for the writing related posts seems like a win to me.
  • Even cooler than that (to me), Ken Scholes, author of the Psalms of Isaak series, worked with me on an interview about transforming short stories into novels over on SFSignal. The piece came out rather nice I think, and tons of credit should go to Ken, for patience and answers, and John DeNardo, who responded to my initial query about posting the article in just a few hours with “YES, SEND IT” (or something to that effect). Both were great to work with and I look forward to trying to do something more with them.
  • Ack, before I forget, *I* was interviewed! Check it out on Cemetery Flowers'” Isolation Tank” where an old friend added me to the authors she’s grilled. I even had a friend at work do a headshot for me, and I’m really thrilled with how it all came together 🙂

This week is rocking it hard, as the kids say. Not my kids, because they’re not allowed to talk that way, but anyway. Have a good one!




A parting of the content

The time has come for a parting of the content.

I mentioned this in the Facebook group the other day, so this may be a repeat for some of you. When I had my first publication back in March, I decided the time had come to make a presence for myself as a writer (vs the lurker I’ve always been). In a fit of excitement, I bought a new domain, cummingswrites.com, and then did…nothing.

I have decided it’s time for a change, and this wasn’t an easy decision. Datanode.net has been my sole blog for a long, long time. The last few years, though, it has begun to become mostly a place where I post about writing, to the exclusion of regular posts. I have decided to fix that disparity.

I am in the process of setting up cummingswrites.com to point to a new site I’ve setup over at Medium.com. I expect it will be at least a few more days before that url resolves to Medium (for now, it will just bring you back to datanode). Moving forward, Medium/cummingswrites is where you will find all of my posts on writing, writing news, etc.. Datanode will become more of a personal blog again, with shout outs to things posted on Medium (because sometimes, news will transcend being relevant to only one site). The verdict is still out on whether it is worth the effort to import my old posts for new readers, or just treat it as a clean slate.

So with that in mind – my first (ever) post on Medium just went up, “There’s a flaw in my characters, I just need to find it





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